Reviving the use of mediterranean plants

Ancient cultural legacy
from Sardinia

Sardinia island, in Italy, has been identified as one of five regions in the world with the highest concentrations of centenarians. It is the result of a lifestyle in which the consumption of indigenous mediterranean plants played an important role. OLIO DEI CENTENARI is aiming to revive the use of these pure natural ingredients for daily skin care.

obeying to the rules of nature

Seasonal harvest of endemic plants
Careful collection of the fructs by hand
From natural reserves & preserved lands only
Employment of skilled local pickers
Full traceability and respect of the wildlife

fantastic quality

   100 % PURE
  • From fresh berries
  • State-of-the-art pressing facilities
  • Cold pressing only
  • Farmaceutical grade packaging
  • Full traceability and Quality control


Alessandro Piscedda

Head of Production & Quality

Biologist. Specialized in natural extracts. Since 2002, owner of “Bontà del Sole” producing gourmet and biological vegetables preserved in vegetal oil.

Guy Morand

Head of Marketing & Development

Salesman. Over 12 years experience in the Pharmaceutical industry. Specialized in packaging and formulations.

Giuseppe Altea

Head of Sales Italy

Wine maker. Expert producer and salesman of Italian wine and cosmetics. Expending our distribution network.