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Pistacia Lentiscus

“ The Pistacia Lentiscus is evergreen, growing mainly in the rocky and dry lands of the mediterranean sea. The incredible vitality of this plant is currently used to fight against desertification.

During the winter, we harvest both seaside and highland local varieties. The quality is truely exceptional. The oil from its berries contains vitamin E, omega 6, omega 9 and omega7 fatty acids.

From ancient times till today, the lentiscus oil has been an esteemed component for food and skin care. ”

- USer Reviews -

FLAvia C.


Excellent anti-age and healing oil! I apply it on the face before to sleep. Only 2 or 3 drops will be enough.

Claudia Mei

Yoga teacher "Yoga Mei"

I love to use it when I teach for my hands, my legs and my feet. It provides a relaxing effect. Besides it can moisturize without feeling greasy on the mat.

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